Tutorial 2

Let us know if you find the tutorial videos helpful, as you take your first steps on http://www.one-world-family.org.

One World Family team


How to meet people on One World Family.

Once you have logged on, it’s time to make friends.

Go to the ‘find friends’ section at the top. I find the easiest way to check out your Art of Living friends is to enter a letter, say, ‘a’. A drop down appears with some members beginning with a. Click on ‘more friends’ and all the members beginning with the letter ‘a’ will appear, and you can click through all the people you know. And so on. If you don’t find anyone you know, find Nitesh, Patrick or Mehul and we’ll gladly introduce you around 🙂

Looking forward to meeting you!

One World Family team.

How to log on to One World Family and set up your profile

Here’s how: just go to www.one-world-family.org.

There you enter a mail id and create a password. You’ll receive an email to confirm and enter. Now you’re logged on. You’ll see your profile, and you can start setting yourself up. Click on the ‘settings’ – you know, the round machine/cog icon. There you can enter your basic details and upload a profile picture.

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Social media across the world – the case of google plus

The one world family vision is that social media and social networking can serve a bigger purpose. So naturally google’s ethically charged mission statement/credo caught our eye. e.g. ” Point 2: It’s best to do one thing really, really well.We do search. With one of the world’s largest research groups focused exclusively on solving search problems, we know what we do well, and how we could do it better.” [Taken from http://www.google.com/about/company/philosophy/%5D. Now how does google plus fit into this? Doesn’t it seem that google plus is not focussing on search but searching for facebook 2? Have they broken their own credo and got into trouble, spending large amounts promoting googleplus in a vain attempt to copy facebook? What do you think? Do you believe in networking for social good? Let us know your thoughts!

One world family team

Newsflash: facebook and testing status

Hi everyone!

http://www.one-world-family.org – social networking for social good – is in the final stages of private beta. For now, if you wish to join please request an invitation to oneworldfamily@artofliving.org and we’ll be in touch. Please check out our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/One-World-Family/177108819077887 to get regular updates expressing the vision of our new online community. Do good and feel good!

Patrick and team – one world family!